OTANI รุ่น MK1000

Light Truck Tire

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Designed for Durability and Heavy Loads in Commercial Uses
Robust tire casing enhances durability and supports heavy loads in long trips.
Improved Mileage
Tread compound for better mileage.
Smooth Streering and Handling
4 rib pattern designed to deliver superior traction on roads which leads to better handling
and control while braking or accelerating.
Size LI / SS Max.Load (kgs/lbs) Rim Width Inflation Pressure
Single Dual Inch kPa/psi
195R14C 106/104Q 950/2095 900/1985 5.50 450/65
205R14C 109/107Q 1030/2270 975/2150 6.00 450/65
205/75R14C 109/107Q 1030/2270 975/2150 5.50 475/68
195R15C 108/106Q 1000/2205 950/2095 5.50 475/68